Bone augmentation surgery with special care and experience

If there isn’t sufficient enough bone horizontally or vertically at the planned location for the implant, bone augmentation is necessary. Bone grafting is performed in order to create a stable platform where dental implants can be placed. It can also be used to reconstruct the bone following bone loss or destruction resulting from periodontal disease, tooth loss, tooth extraction or trauma.

During a bone graft procedure, the gum is opened at the surgical site and after cleaning and preparing the bone in the jaw, the graft will be placed in the opened site. Then, regenerative membranes will be surgically placed between your gum and bone to encourage your natural bone tissue to grow and to protect it from the growth of soft tissue. When a small volume of bone augmentation is required, an artificial bone graft and membrane will be used. If a larger bone graft is required better results can be achieved by using a mixture of native and artificial bone. In such cases the native bone is taken from the jaw bone close to the surgical area.

Over time, your natural bone will encircle and unite with the bone graft, filling areas of bone loss and preparing your bone for the implant. Bone augmentation may be required during or prior to dental implant treatment.

One of the special bone augmentation techniques is the sinus lift procedure.