Excellent dental treatment – high standards

Hungary offers visitors a range of excellent dental treatments, cosmetic surgery and elective surgery at a much lower price than in many European countries, and it is only a short flight away. A flight from London to Budapest for instance only takes two and a half hours.

Hungary has been a popular destination for Germans and Austrians seeking dental treatments for a long time. The market has been expanding from the time of the political and economic changes in 1989-90. This has resulted in an increasing number of surgeons completing their training every year who are now able to provide affordable, high quality dental treatment.

Hungary has become much more accessible since it joined the European Union. When low-cost airlines started to provide cheap flights to Eastern European countries (including Hungary), Budapest became a popular destination for British citizens.

Our Clinic

Surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art clinics in Budapest by internationally trained doctors and surgeons at a very competitive cost: you can easily combine your treatment with a holiday in the beautiful city of Budapest.

Hungary is renowned all over the world for its high standards and advanced medical procedures, with many members of the Hungarian medical profession teaching and practicing internationally. Just two and a half hours away from the UK, Budapest is a very relaxing place to recover from surgery with the many rejuvenating thermal spas making the experience of having your surgery abroad a real ‘healthcare holiday’.