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Implantation is always an expensive procedure that involves a variety of treatments and associated costs. You can sometimes get the same result with cheaper implants than with other, more frequently used ones. Many factors may contribute to the price of an implant. Among these are the market position and marketing philosophy of the manufacturers.
Our clinic is located in the suburbs of Budapest and is a dedicated dental implant surgery- this, along with cosmetic dentistry is our core business. As we treat a lot of patients who require implants, our costs are lower. We never compromise on quality but we can offer less expensive implant solutions if you are on a budget.

Well-designed and well-performed implantation offers a lifelong solution even if the procedure is carried out with cheaper dental implants.
We must be honest and admit that low-cost dental implants are not suitable in all cases. Dr. Horvath will recommend the most suitable implant for you based on the condition of your bone and gum, and the position of the screw.
Another aspect to consider is the aesthetic result. For instance if one’s gum appears when smiling, or the gum is the so called thin biotype then for a good aesthetic result, a more expensive and sophisticated implant may be recommended.

What are the main differences between high and low-cost implants?

The material

Almost all implants in use today are made of titanium. Thus there is no difference here.

Implant Surface Treatment

Implants may also differ in the way their surface is treated. Implant surfaces that are in contact with the bone are generally etched and sandblasted. This roughens the surface at the microscopic scale, thus increasing the total surface area of bone to implant contact.

The leading companies producing sophisticated implants apply their own finishing treatments to their products. These are patented and the details are therefore confidential. These finishing treatments are important product differentiators due to the fact that the quality of the implant surface affects the strength of the bond between bone and implant formed during osseo-integration.

Abutment selection and fitting

Some manufacturers offer a wider selection of abutments than others. There are also some differences between the fitting accuracy of certain implants and their abutments.

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