Cosmetic Dentistry - Before and After


Damaged and loose upper metal ceramic bridge and heavily filled teeth were replaced with 12 zirconium crowns and bridge units after the necessary fillings had been done. Michelle also underwent implantation during which she received four Ankylos implants that are now holding a three-unit bridge. She also had a 4-unit bridge supported by her left lateral teeth.


Brian needed new aesthetic fillings, seven individual zirconium crowns and a three-unit zirconium bridge to replace his old amalgam fillings and decayed teeth.


This young man with overcrowded teeth had his front upper and bottom teeth shaved off slightly so that these teeth could be capped and corrected with Empress full ceramic crowns. All these were completed in five full days.


Following the upper lateral implantation, the patient received a combination of single zirconium crowns and zirconium bridge work on the upper front teeth, and two-unit bridges on the upper implants. Later onto the lower front teeth Empress full ceramic crowns and veneers were placed. The treatment required two visits.


This young lady had a missing tooth that was replaced with a Zimmer TSV imlant and a metal ceramic crown. The treatment required two visits.


This patient had an eight-unit metal ceramic bridge on the upper front teeth with a partial denture attached to them. The lower Zimmer TSV implants supported two 2-unit bridges. She also had four metal ceramic crowns done with the necessary filling replacements and whitening to improve her lower teeth. The treatment required two visits.