Smile design

With cosmetic dentistry becoming more and more popular in the last decade smile design has grown to be significant, too.

Designing smile not only requires aesthetic sense of the dentist and technician but is actually a very complex method with which different aspects such as dental harmony, facial, oral and gingival attributes are taken into consideration.

During the procedure aesthetic and functional aspects are in the focus of the professionals bearing in mind the age of the patient and the proportion of their face.

Achieving a truly harmonious smile that suits the patients’ taste and style and that is also functional is of great importance. No matter how important, aesthetics must never be superior to functionality; however, the patients’ opinion plays a significant role in designing and achieving the desired smile.

The patient’s opinion is naturally of great importance. In most cases, the patient’s ideas, taste and style all contribute to the creation of a truly harmonious smile.

Whenever possible, smile design is always based on the shape, position and the overall look of the patient’s original teeth. Different techniques and methods of modern dentistry make it possible to achieve outstanding result and to recreate healthy, confident smile with the help of veneers, crowns etc.

Computer aided smile design is one of the most effective ways to foresee the final result of smile makeover treatment well before it is actually done. It is performed by a special software and computer imaging.

With the assistance of the program patients in need of dental makeover can be provided with a chance to view thousands of possible teeth combinations.

This enables the patient to choose a smile that suits the most the principles of proportion and harmony, and also their individual needs. The dentist is always there to help choose the right ones with the needs and principles taken into consideration.