Bright white smile in just an hour – for only Ł250!

The teeth whitening treatment is part of cosmetic dentistry. If you have any kind of fear of dental treatment, which is nowadays almost entirely painless, we can put your mind at ease: tooth whitening is completely painless, and no discomfort is involved in the procedure.

Smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, certain drugs and both natural and artificial ingredients in food can cause tooth discolouration.

The bleaching technique that we use requires three applications lasting twenty minutes each. You may experience slight tooth sensitivity for a day or two after treatment. The result of teeth whitening will be absolutely enchanting. Chair side bleaching can also dramatically lighten your teeth (by around 6-9 shades) in about an hour.
The ultimate goal of the bleaching process is not to have blindingly white teeth. It should be noted that there are individual differences among the colour of our teeth. As a result of the treatment teeth are significantly whiter than they were before the procedure.

Whitening your teeth can drastically change your appearance and boost your self-esteem at the same time. If you are the type of person that likes instant results, you might consider chair side bleaching which can be performed directly in the dental clinic.