Below you can read some of the opinions of our previous guests. In case you wish to get in touch with any of them, please ask for their conatct details.

Mr. Tim H.

First visit to (….) complete 3 bridge units – 12 crowns – and 4 implants.

Excellent clinical care by dr. Horváth (implantation) and dr. Szűcs Donát (bridgework) and Elizabeth (implantation). Receptionist and support staff pleasant and helpful – a good, friendly caring approach professionally delivered and (…) pulled together by Miklos, customer liaison who worked hard to ensure everything went smoothly and that any problems or difficulties were (…) overcame.

Miklos has an excellent standard of English and a competent and personable manner and made everything much easier than it might otherwise have been.

Mr. Kevin T.

To All at dr. Horvath’s Clinic,

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your Kindness, Consideration and Professionalism while rectifying my Extreme dental problems. As you were well aware of my many fears and dental phobias of the dental chair!!

What you have managed to achieve with myself is truely remarkable.

My treatment consisted of 5 extractions plus 4 implants into the lower jaw and a 3-tooth bridge – the upper jaw needed 7 implants and a complete set of new teeth.

Throughout my treatment, which took 7 months – although only consisted of two visits, the whole team was kind, thoughtfl and courteous, you put me at ease and kept me calm.

The treatment I received, the quality of materials and care was excellent and the costs were so unbelievably cheap. I honestly do not understand how can give all this and still make a profit.

I wasn’t going to mention the fact that you arranged the accommodation and all of my transfers – yet you took those worries away from me as well.

I cannot thank you enough.

My wife, Beth and I look forward to our yearly check-up with you.

Thanks so very, very much.

Gaby from Rennes, France

"Special thanks to Doctor Horvath for immediately identifying the problem with my biting position and for solving it in such a professional way. No other dentist I have encountered over the last decade had noticed there was a problem. The operation went more smoothly than I had ever thought possible and was absolutely painless. The support staff is excellent who really do know how to put one at ease and who are certainly very knowledgeable themselves."

John P. from England

"I would love to give this team ten stars but the system is set. Years of neglect and subsequent fear of censure from any dentist prevented me seeking help at home or abroad. I wish now that I had met everyone in Budapest years earlier, and consider them all good and trusted friends. Dr Horvath, Miklos and all of the team were reassuring, patient and very good humoured throughout. The treatment was pain free and straightforward as others here have testified.

Sinus lift and ten implants (five upper - five lower) as well as numerous crowns have been installed without trauma.

One year on from my last visit, (a small bite adjustment) and I have no problems at all. Budapest is a wonderful city, and the people warm friendly and very helpful while most speak good English. Restaurants, (from posh to pizza express) and fine shops helpful and enjoyable. If you've read this far and are dithering, pick up the phone and get on with it. I delayed over calling several times, phone in hand. But once committed enjoyed the experience and haven't regretted the decision at all. I was excited to at last be dealing with something that had haunted me every day."

Ian P. from Suffolk, England

"I made two visits to Dr Horvath's clinic to have all of my amalgam fillings replaced, five implants, a five tooth bridge on my upper teeth, three additional crowns and an inlay. The whole treatment was very professional and I was very happy with the results. When there was a problem with excessive bleeding from my gums after the implantology, due to a medical condition, Dr Horvath worked very hard to stem the bleeding and get me back to normal. he also took the trouble to contact the local hospital in case my condition worsened. Fortunately his care was all that was needed and I made a full recovery over the next couple of days. I am currently experiencing some sensitivity with one of the crowned teeth and so I am arranging to return to Budapest to get that sorted. The implants are excellent as is the bridge and I find it much easier to eat now than I did before the treatment. I was not particularly concerned about the cosmetic results, but for those of you who are I must say that the colour matching etc. is excellent. My son says that he cannot tell which of my teeth are original and which are crowns.

All the transfers from accommodation to the clinic and from airport to accommodation were well managed so that no stress was encountered in this part of the operation. I would like to add my personal thanks to Miklos, the clinic manager, for his patience, understanding and all his help during my two visits."

Pros: accommodation and transfers all arranged, Miklos with his excellent english and understanding

Cons: time required to get from my house to hungary

Helen R. from England

"I had always been self consious about the poor quality of my teeth. So much so I that I found it difficult to talk to people and I certainly couldn,t laugh without covering my mouth.
I wanted to save my teeth and have the look improved if possible but I could not afford to have this done in England.
I researched the internet and found Dr Horvaths clinic in Budapest a clinic which could provide me with a quality of care and excellence at a price that was affordable.
I made all the arrangements for my visit on the internet with the help of Miklos the Customer Service Manager.
Miklos made all the arrangements for my dentist appointments. I was given a mobile phone so that I could contact miklos at any time if I had any concerns.
My treatment and care was second to none. The clinics stanards are very high and I am more than happy with the outcome of my lovely smile. The costs are very reasonable and there are certainly no hidden charges. You are provided with a full treatment plan with a detailed report of the costs before you begin and Miklos goes through this with you before you begin treatment.
I would not hesitate in reccomending anyone to go to the clinic as I know they would be delighted with the outcome.
Finally thankyou to Dr Horvath and to all of his team for looking after me so well.

Pros: cost

Charlie N. from England

"Having a full denture replaced by dental implants has transformed my whole life. I look and feel 10 years younger. I eat better food, chew it properly, (including steak, apples, corn on the cob, pork crackling, nuts) and consequently my digestion has improved.
I laugh and smile a lot more because I have more confidence and that's reflected in my love life. I truelly believe that the treatment will help me live a longer and healthier life."