Cosmetic dentists with 15 years experience

Zirconium-oxide is a ceramic material that is the closest aesthetically to a real tooth and is thus an ideal solution for the construction of crowns and bridges. Zirconium is translucent and 100% biocompatible. It is no wonder that it is the preferred material for numerous medical applications including strong long-lasting artificial hip joints. It has outstanding physical and mechanical properties. Zirconium-oxide can be used in virtually every full ceramic prosthetic solution including bridges, implant structures etc.

Zirconium ceramic crowns or bridge units are made by using the most advanced and innovative “computer aided design and manufacturing” (CAD/CAM) technology. This and the attributes of zirconium-oxide give zirconium crowns the strength and durability of metal-based structures with the aesthetic appearance of all-ceramic materials.

The dental laboratory with whom we collaborate specializes in all-ceramic materials including zirconium. The laboratory is the Central European Training Centre of Ivoclar/Vivadent and sets the highest quality in all-ceramic restorations.

Ivoclar/Vivadent is one of the leading companies in the field of innovative porcelain technologies. Press ceramic materials (IPS Empress) were invented by Ivoclar/Vivdent.